The Covid-19 afterparty could be quite a dull thing... Why?
Because people have been adapted to social distancing and it’s etiquette that comes with it, despite their urge to go out.

Can you imagine yourself in a moshpit without the smackin’ around, an uncrowded rave or exhibition halls that consists of 50% open spaces? Think about it...

A crisis like this is taking something very valuable away from our younger generation; connection and interaction beyond the hybrid and digital world. The escape to socialize with others outside their comfort zone, beyond the digital frontiers to leave their fun-print.

If we respond to a virus in this matter as in current times, how will this affect our future? Will there be more lockdowns, more isolations and even more restrictions placed on us and the next generation in the future? What will be the impact of it all... Is this our Big Bang?

When people are being fear driven it creates anti-social behaviour. Whilst the human being is not designed to be alone. We as humans want to connect, interact and embrace life by attending social events to have a great time and experience something new and exciting.

A massive shift within the live events industry lies ahead of us and we need to deal with it, adapt to new needs and requirements of experiencing these moments and emotions of our audience.

Right now we are challenged and stretched to our limits, but we will experience “real” fun again. And when we do, we will do it in new and exciting ways, no matter what!

This is an exciting time for the innovators, barrier breakers and all of humanity to look to ways of a future, of a world long gone.

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