Last week Dutch radio station NPO Radio 2 supported the Dutch Cancer Society by organising a fund raising event. SQuare was asked to design and build the setting and make sure it was fully COVID proof. Not only were we honored to be part of this much needed event, it also soon dawned on us that it was the third event we’ve contributed to this month! Did they not tell us events would be a thing of the past?

People are not made to stay indoors. Social beings need to come together, meet, connect, celebrate and let loose every now and then. We’ve been in close contact with many of you in the event industry and we are happy to see that, together, we can come up with solutions that - despite the COVID measures and restrictions – give the people what they need.


Outdoor events are the easiest way to guarantee sufficient ventilation. Het Zomertheater (‘Summer theater’) was a prime example of a ‘how to’ in COVID times. More than ever people need to feel safe and taken care of when being part of a gathering. In times like these it's essential to excel in crowd control, both front- and backstage and provide extra services and attention to your audience. During these 23 sold out concerts a tap to order application for food and beverages was used, creating more efficiency and attention to detail for both consumer and staff.


Most exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed this year, but even this industry has shown its signs of resurrection. It is still possible to create a safe and representative space to experience your brand and for doing business that feels as usual.

We say thanks to many of our clients and suppliers who stayed connected these past months and share our conviction that - no matter the situation -  live communication stays of the essence and there is always a way to make it happen.


The question isn't who is going to let us; it's who is going to stop us.

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