Recently we are seeing beer trends fermenting all over festivals, events, bars and restaurants. So here’s the low down from our side predicting the trends in all things beer. 

A growing supply and demand for beers with a lower alcohol percentage is gaining traction by the people who enjoy beer more consciously.
Alcohol-free beers have become more socially accepted because the taste has improved significantly and there are now Weizen and IPA’s without alcohol that taste just as delicious as regular beer.
Drinking alcohol-free beers doesn't mean saying goodbye to beer especially among young people.

Women hop on board the beer trend and are more open to craft beers than we have seen previously, Where it's no longer just about wine and cocktails, soft, juicy beers have introduced a new generation of lovers to the ever evolving beer scene. 

In the area of beer & food pairing new initiatives are embraced by large crowds. Beer and food pairings are much more relaxed and encourage people to experiment in finding tastes and flavours that are specific to their liking. People have the desire to turn the ordinary into an occasion especially when continuing the weekend fun on Sunday, starting with a brunch and some quality beers to accompany that.

More local breweries and craft beers will start to pop up all over Europe. People are seeking out beers that are unique to their region, and brewers want to experiment in finding ways to stand out. By selling directly to the consumer, there is great opportunity for local and small brewers to connect to their community and build their brand awareness. 

Unique glassware for beer enriches the passion and knowledge about beer whilst enhancing the drinking experience, it also allows the drinker to feel they are investing in a quality experience. 

Canned beer had a bad reputation for a long time, it was drunk mainly by punks and hooligans, however this negative connotation is slowly dissipating and we see a rise in its popularity returning. Beer cans have shaken off their bad image where smart/custom design now plays an important role because cans have a larger, more flexible surface than labels on bottles. 

In the future there will come a point where people probably don’t have to spend their time waiting in a line to get a beer, order a beer, or pay for a beer... But for now this seems to be one of the best times in history to be a beer drinker :-) 

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