SQuare is a creative boutique agency based in the capital of the South of the Netherlands, located in the industrial heritage De Gruyterfabriek in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

SQuare focuses primarily on the creative aspects of all live-communication of brands. We, as an independent agency, provide passionate dedication to serious enjoyment. We do not focus on developing campaigns and studying demographics; our work is creative in nature. We are an independent, creation-focused agency with a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals.

SQuare today is recognized internationally as a creative collective, unique for its creative diversity and common sense in brands, events, interiors, fashion, design, as well as product, business and concept development.


Our story

The initial SQ (short for square) idea came watching the 2000 movie 
American Psycho. Main character Patrick Bateman – a good-looking, hardworking, healthy yuppie – has since been our hero when it comes to chopping up steak properly fashionable.

He is the one that taught us no good meat can go without good music. Our hero is a big fan of Huey Lewis and the News, one of the founders of that typical eighties sound. A key scene shows Bateman prepping for another night of twisted fun to the sound of the hitsingle ‘Hip to be square’. To us, this is the ultimate comparison to the event industry; no fun can be had without carrying a tune. That’s why we chose the name: SQuare.

“Most people probably don’t listen to the lyrics, but they should! Because it is not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of friends, it’s also a personal statement about the brand.”